The Building Process

The Building Process

Congratulations on purchasing your Lamar Smith Home.

Our team members are dedicated and determined to build you a long lasting, energy efficient, and beautiful new home. Below is a brief overview of the building process. Let us know if you have any questions. Our staff is here to make the construction process as easy and rewarding as possible.

1. Design Center Appointment

Our design center is located in Richmond Hill, and offers thousands of selections chosen by Susan Brinkley, our in-house interior designer. The selections offered have been specifically chosen to provide you quality and style at an affordable price. If you’re building a home from the ground up, Susan will reach out to you directly to schedule this three hour meeting. At this meeting Susan will work with you to personalize your new home to fit your unique style. If you’re buying an quick move-in home, you can feel at ease that your home is well-designed knowing that Susan has chosen these selections for you.

View our Design Center Appointment Guide to know what to expect at this meeting.

2. Pre-Construction Orientation

You will meet with your Project Manager several times throughout the entire building process, the first of these meetings is the pre-construction meeting. This meeting will occur soon after we have received building permits, and just before construction begins on your homesite. You and your builder will get to know each other, and review important steps of the building process.

3. Site Prep & Foundation

All the necessary planning, permitting, and ordering is done. Your home will be sited and laid out, followed by the pouring of the foundation's concrete slab. Plumbing prep will be completed before the concrete is poured. At this stage, weather plays a major role in the construction schedule.

4. Framing, Rough-ins, & Inspections

After the foundation is poured, framing, mechanical systems, plumbing, and roofing are installed. Every stage of your home will be inspected by your builder as well as the appropriate county officials and regulatory agencies. Note that progress may be halted as we wait for third-party inspections to take place.

5. Pre-Drywall Walkthrough

Once all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing have been installed, we will schedule your first official walkthrough of your home. You will be able to see the quality that we build into the walls of your home, as well as confirm installation of selections up to this point.

6. Drywall, Trim, & Paint

Drywall, trim, and paint are completed at this point. This is when you can get a better feel for the layout of your new home and its rooms.

7. Cabinets & Flooring

The magic happens when the kitchen and bathroom cabinets go in and the flooring goes down. The final transformation is when the appliances are installed. At this time, we will conduct a quality control inspection and have the county building inspector come so we can be issued a Certificate of Occupancy.

8. Exterior Finishes & Landscaping

While the interior finishes are being completed, everything is taking shape on the outside of your home as well. Your exterior finishes are installed, driveways and sidewalks are poured, and your landscape package and sod are put in place.

9. New Home Orientation

Please allow a couple of hours for this important step. At this stage, your house is completed and move-in ready. You will be shown your new home, inside and out as we demonstrate key features of your home and how to maintain them.

10. Closing

Once we have the Certificate of Occupancy and you have supplied any last minute requirements of the lender, we can confirm the closing day and time. Your lender will review the HUD and let you know if you need to bring any certified funds to the closing table. When all of the final documents are signed, we will proudly hand you the keys to your new home!