Pitfall #1: Setting yourself up for high energy bills

A new home built today is required by law to meet stricter energy codes than homes built in the past when energy codes didn’t exist or were much more lenient. Lamar Smith Signature Homes uses materials that are designed to exceed the strict limits to produce future savings for the owner. These savings can often be hundreds of dollars per year. Low “E” glass, Radiant Barriers, Poly‐foam around all windows, doors, and along ceiling and corner joints and an engineered 14 seer Amana Air Conditioning unit are all available or standard with Lamar Smith Signature Homes making our homes extremely energy efficient. Additionally, our use of 30 “R” blown fiberglass insulation in all flat ceilings and 13 “R” batts fiberglass insulation in exterior walls keep energy costs to a minimum. We also use ridge vents on roofs because they are the best venting system for residential homes. We use air hawks to assist venting when ridge vents are not as efficient.

by Karen Powell, Marketing Consultant

I have to admit, I love to watch HGTV for design and decorating ideas. I also buy those niche magazines filled with tips and pictures of what I could create if I just had the energy and the nerve to try. But this weekend, I came across a real nugget. Houzz!

That’s a funky way to spell houses.

By Adam Van Brimmer
Appeared on (Savannah Morning News), May 12, 2012

The signs of Savannah’s residential real estate recovery won’t be of the flashing, neon-light variety, Realtors and other industry insiders say.

When homebuyers start their home hunt, they often spend hours pouring over pictures of homes and studying their floor plans. Today, they mostly do this online in the privacy of their current homes. But once their search gets real where they set out in the car to see the homes they have selected, it quickly becomes apparent to them that location is much more important than the home itself. Why? Because location determines their overall quality of life.

Location determines how much time they will spend commuting to their jobs. It determines how much time they spend running to the grocery store or going out to dinner. It determines the quality of the school their children will attend. It determines how safe they feel in their new neighborhood. It determines the possible resale value their home would retain. So after all of these realities settle upon them, they go back to their online searching and look for communities that meet all of these requirements. Only then do they start looking at the available homes in their newly chosen neighborhood.

One of the beautiful perks of living around Savannah are the coastal activities – and one you never want to miss is when the Tall Ships come to visit!

What can our friends from up North teach us about what home buyers want?

Plenty, it turns out. It’s clear the preferences of Canadian home buyers closely match those of American home buyers.

The nationally-recognized designers from Rooms in Bloom shared their experience in a recent blog post. As the 2012 Home Staging firm in Canada, they should know. These expert interior designers devote a big portion of their firm’s work to helping real estate professionals and home builders “stage” or decorate homes that are currently for sale. Like many top interior designers, Heather Cook and Alana Merrit of Rooms in Bloom find the challenge of staying one step ahead of the latest trends while staging homes for sale to be of great value in all of their interior design work.

To Get Ahead, Use Your Head

Monday April 16, 2012

Sometimes a good article comes along that you just want to share. Such is the case today. Below is one written by Harvey Mackay, an associate one of the world’s great wordsmiths, the late Jim Rohn. One of Rohn’s best known quotes:  Success is what you attract by the person you become.”  Well, enjoy Harvey’s article below, and come see us soon at any of our new home communities!

Here are five reasons why getting a pre-approval letter is a good idea.

Most home buyers know they should get a mortgage pre-approval letter from a lender before they begin seriously shopping for a home. But the reasons for this advice aren’t always clear, and buyers sometimes are dismayed by the amount of paperwork involved. Here is some of the reasoning behind the advice:

Foreclosed Home vs Brand New Home

Saturday March 24, 2012

Why do the benefits of a new home far outweigh a foreclosed home? Read on to find out. . .

1.  Many foreclosures are sold “as is” with no inspection and no disclosure requirements that could require major hidden repair bills.

2.  Peace of mind. Brand new homes are under warranty and can be personalized with appliances, cabinets, countertops, carpets, floor coverings and other personal preferences to meet individual needs and tastes.