The “language” of architecture — especially when we’re talking about home design — doesn’t have to be difficult to understand.

There are some things that can’t be simplified, however. The pieces and parts of a building have names, and we’ll all communicate better if we use the same terms to refer to them.

Some are a little arcane to be sure, but at the other end of the scale, you and the builder will both be confused when you say you don’t like that “thingy” on the roof.

Have your rent payments been climbing steadily over the past year? You aren’t alone.

According to Trulia, rent payments have increased 5.4% over the past year (ending June 30), while mortgage rates are hitting all time lows. These two factors combined create the perfect scenario to move out of steadily climbing rent payments and into a new home with predictable mortgage payments and the ability to grow home equity.

Deciding to make the transition to home ownership?

We love all of our neighborhoods–but there are a few in particular that are perfect for the transition between renting and owning.

If you are looking at new homes and studying floor plans to find that Dream Home for your family, you undoubtedly have made “the list!”

We’ve all done it. We make two columns. Gotta haves! Want to have!

Often those two columns are rarely found in just one home – and there’s the rub. Compromise. Oh, how we hate to do it, but we know it’s usually inevitable.

One of the best ways to stamp your new home with your personality is to put color on the walls. You can hire pros to do the job, but painting is one thing new homeowners can do well if they’re careful and take their time.

Here are some quick tips from our professional painters on doing a job that will do you and your home proud.

The Arosa at Lost Plantation

Tuesday July 03, 2012

Imagine a place where time and space suddenly become your ally. A place where there’s a surprising amount of room for everything you want in a home and a lifestyle. That place is The Arosa at Lost Plantation.

Lost Plantation is a distinctive, established neighborhood that just keeps adding new homes every year. It’s a place where you feel a genuine sense of belonging. And where each new day is an opportunity to reach out and take life further than you ever imagined.

Everyone loves a beautiful golf course, even if you’ve never picked up a putter or driver in your life. The large expanses of manicured fairways and rolling greens around every bend in the road make everyone stop a minute and gaze.

Success Out of Adversity!

Monday June 18, 2012

In the summer of 2008, Lamar Smith took an unimaginable step at the height of the real estate crisis. He started a homebuilding company.

Lamar (left) and Jeff Kramer are a formidable homebuilding team.

Most of his friends and colleagues privately wondered about his sanity. But inside every good businessperson, and especially a builder, lives an optimist.


1.  Lenders have gotten stricter in response to the mortgage meltdown.
2.  If you want to implode your impending mortgage, get a new credit card or auto loan.
3.  Changing jobs is another good way to derail a mortgage before closing.

Want a lender to delay or even cancel your mortgage closing? Then change your “borrower circumstances” between the day you apply for and the day you close a home loan.

Our Grand Opening Weekend at Covington Pointe near Brunswick, Ga., was a “grand” success capped off by the Giveaway of 8 Brand New Bicycles!

Kenny King Speaks to Disaster Resilient Building Code Task Force Forum.


On May 30, 2012, Kenny King, builder member from the Greater Atlanta area, spoke to the Disaster Resilient Building Code Task Force Public Forum.


If you are looking for a home near Brunswick and the Golden Isles, come out to our GRAND OPENING at Covington Pointe new home community this weekend, June 9 & 10th.  Saturday 12-5 PM and Sunday 1-4 PM.

You can tour beautifully staged new homes and enjoy free food & drinks.