You’re ready to make your movie viewing experience better than the large-screen television in your living room. Forget the man cave, the playroom, the craft room, the room that your mother-in-law might be eyeing as her second home.

It’s time to create a home theater.

Before you jump into buying all the expensive equipment and drilling holes for light fixtures and wires, let me share some common home theater design mistakes, with hopes you will avoid them.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice, dating back more than 3,000 years. The phrase translates to “wind water”, which the Chinese believe to represent good health, fortune, and prosperity. Good feng shui brings “chi” or energy to your home, leading to harmony and balance.

Often we think of door, stair and wall placements as being part of Feng Shui, but there are much easier ways to tap into this ancient practice. To get started on creating a better environment, here are some simple tips to bring energy and health to your home with feng shui.

Finding the right home in the right neighborhood is always a challenge for a home buyer. Parents with school-age children have even more to consider when it comes to picking “Location! Location! Location!”

When you’re moving within your own region, you already have knowledge of the school district’s reputation. If you’re moving farther, you need to take the time to consider various factors when choosing a school. Here are some questions to ask yourself and the schools.

You’re preparing for a new arrival, but what will your infant’s haven look like? A baby’s room has changed over the years. To help you get started with the planning and decorating, here are some design trends for your nursery.

Popular paint colors for nurseries

The color choice is the first step in planning your nursery décor. Today’s nurseries are no longer dictated by pastels. Go bold. Go neutral. Earthy tones and navy blue have become popular paint colors for nurseries. And these color choices provide more longevity, beyond infancy. You can easily find bedding and decorative accents to complement any of these color palettes in your nursery.

Announcing our New Team Members

Monday March 30, 2015

We are pleased to announce that with the rapid growth of the new home buying and building industries, we have again adding to our team. We would like to introduce you to a few of the new faces in our office.

Sophia Castro – Online New Home Sales Consultant

Winter is finally slipping away and we’re starting to feel refreshed, and ready for the change that spring brings. One of the most popular rites of spring is doing an overhaul of your home’s interior—cleaning, purging, reorganizing, and perhaps redecorating. But before you launch into a full-scale attack, here are some helpful spring cleaning tips for your home.

Make a plan. If you just dive into spring cleaning without a plan, you’ll waste time and probably miss certain areas that you’ll regret later—after your energy has been depleted. Decide where you need to purge—closets, attics, and basements are a great start. Determine how you’re going to approach each task. Set aside boxes or bags for “Keep”, “Donate”, and “Toss” in the area you’re purging so you don’t have to carry out piles.

Is there a better feeling than opening your front door on a swampy Southern summer day and stepping into a cool foyer? What about spending a toasty winter evening curled up on the couch, no fire needed, watching a movie as the winter winds whip away outside? Well, meet the unsung hero of your new home’s cozy winter evenings and cool summer days: spray foam insulation.

Since the earliest days of Southern history, well-to-do residents of towns like Savannah and Augusta have left their downtown homes in the summer months to retreat to the cooler, less crowded highlands or hills. They would escape the sticky, humid cloud and flock to the trendy, higher ground.

In the past few years, the city of Pooler has become the new go-to place people are flocking to. What once was a little town serving as a convenient junction of major interstates and home to some of the region’s largest businesses has completely reinvented itself as the new “it” place to relocate to.

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can also be stressful for the whole family. You’re aware of the changes happening, but your dog isn’t. Leaving the comfort of familiar spaces—inside and out—and landing in a strange one can be upsetting for the canine member of your family. Plan ahead and make it a little easier when moving your dog into a new home.

Start slowly. Tame some of the pent-up energy from the trip to your new place. When you arrive, take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood, letting her sniff out the surroundings (and for him to leave his mark on the territory). Then calmly walk up to your home. Avoid using an excited tone, saying something like, “Who has a new home? You do. You do!” Your pet doesn’t understand the words, but your voice will rev up the energy you’re trying to tame.

Spring is in the air and for many of us that means spring fever. Why not take advantage of this time to not only get the garden outside your new home in shape, but to bring the spring season indoors? These 6 creative ideas will bring a breath of spring breeze into your home, not to mention improve the air quality.