Add Feng Shui to Your Home Without Moving Walls

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice, dating back more than 3,000 years. The phrase translates to “wind water”, which the Chinese believe to represent good health, fortune, and prosperity. Good feng shui brings “chi” or energy to your home, leading to harmony and balance.

Often we think of door, stair and wall placements as being part of Feng Shui, but there are much easier ways to tap into this ancient practice. To get started on creating a better environment, here are some simple tips to bring energy and health to your home with feng shui.

  • De-clutter. You can’t experience true harmony when your home is filled with “stuff”. Start your feng shui makeover by clearing out the excess and simplifying your surroundings. Once you’ve “lightened” the load, you’ll already begin to feel the positive energy. Creating a clear path to the front door, for example, promotes chi.


  • Freshen the air. Cleansing the air is a key step in creating a healthy and healthful environment. Open the windows. Bring in air purifying plants, which remove pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, and trichloroethylene from your indoor air. Add a rubber plant, English ivy, Boston fern, and peace lily. Certain palms, like a lady, date, areca, and bamboo palm, are also ideal air purifying plants.


  • Improve the light. The quality and amount of light in your home will impact the positive energy. Use natural light wherever possible, removing drapes that block the sunlight. Eliminate fluorescents, which have been proven to promote stress, anxiety, hyperactivity, and problems with focus. Integrate full-spectrum lighting, which most closely simulates sunlight.


  • Map out the energy. The “bagua” is the energy map of a space. You use it to determine which areas relate to specific elements of your life, including creativity, love and marriage, fame, money, health, spiritual growth, career, and helpful people.


  • Incorporate the five feng shui elements. Feng shui combines five elements and relates them to specific colors to create harmony. You should include all five elements in your home’s décor.

Wood = Green, Brown

Fire = Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink

Earth = Light Yellow, Light Brown

Metal = White, Gray

Water = Blue, Black

  • Use your birth element in the décor. Although you need to incorporate the five elements, you must also be mindful of your birth element. Achieving chi is dependent on ensuring you surround yourself with shapes and colors that reflect and complement your personal energy. Start by identifying your birth element using this chart.

Stay tuned for decorating tips to promote harmony and balance in your home!