Read More 6 Creative Ways to Bring Spring Into your New Home

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Spring is in the air and for many of us that means spring fever. Why not take advantage of this time to not only get the garden outside your new home in shape, but to bring the spring season indoors? These 6 creative ideas will bring a breath of spring breeze into your home, not to mention improve the air quality.

1. Dress Up The Grocery Store Flowers. Many supermarkets sell small, simple flowers of the season. Choose flowers that do well indoors like Hibiscus or pair a few different shades of African Violets. Pot flowers in a curvy urn or a decorative, open-mouthed clay pot and top with sheet moss to add an extra touch of the outdoors and to help lock in moisture. Tip: to water, lift the moss and soak the soil. Keep the soil moist at all times.


2. Grow a Window Herb Garden.  Enjoy a summer of cooking with fresh herbs by planting a window ledge herb garden in the spring. Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil…the possibilities are limitless. Grab a few small pots or tins and plant herbs from seed or buy pre-potted plants and transfer into desired container. No need to worry about taking care of them, just add a little water each time you do dishes.

3. Stage a Cactus Still Life. Mini cacti are like little living sculptures. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures. Mix and match the round, pointy, shiny and different colored cacti in a neutral pot or on a small accent table for a truly artistic statement.

4. Add a Pop of Flora to a Steamy Spot. Many orchids need almost constant moisture to keep their bloom. Take advantage of the humidity hungry orchid by placing a brightly colored plant in a sunny place in the bathroom or near your step-in shower. Set the pot in a low glass cylinder and as water from the shower evaporates, it will be caught by the glass and reabsorbed by the orchid.

5. Go Geo-Jungalow. The geometric jungalow-inspired hanging planters have gained growing mainstream popularity after taking off on craft sites like Etsy and Pinterest. These gold and bronze replicas of Mad Men-era décor pair perfectly with small green plants of many kinds. This geometric hanging planter also makes an excellent DIY project for a rainy Saturday.

6. DIY Fishbowl Terrarium. Creating a multi-level terrarium is as easy as repurposing a fishbowl or old vase. Not only are they eye catching, terrariums are easy to maintain and are great indoor oxygen boosters. They are the perfect solution for anyone who claims to have a “black thumb,” yet would like a low-maintenance way to bring greenery inside. A terrarium is another great DIY project the whole family can enjoy.