Mudroom Design Ideas: Clean Up Your Messiest Space

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The very name “mudroom” conjures up unpleasant images: piles of discarded coats, shoes, boots, socks, and scarves; a trail of dirt; backpacks that certainly hold something that should be seen, read, signed, or discussed. Your mudroom is the threshold to your family’s living space, that back door entrance that brings the outdoors in, but not all the way.

If you’re ready to take off those blinders and make sense of this area, let’s talk about cleaning up in the mudroom. To get you started, here are some design ideas for your messiest space.

First, take into consideration that the purpose of the mudroom is to provide a place where people can leave or grab things, like keys, coats, and backpacks—items that should be left near a doorway so they’re easy to find as needed. What you need is organization for that clutter, and to create a system that others can stick with.

Then, break it down into storage spaces, according to items. Hooks are great for coats, scarves, backpacks, and leashes. Place them at the appropriate height for each person and label with the name, to make it even faster to grab and go.

Cubbies are the ideal solution for a mudroom. You can choose an open cubby cabinet, and if you don’t like to see what’s shoved into each space, place a box or basket in there. Label each one with the items that should go there, like “Gloves, Hats & Mittens” and “Schoolwork”.

Doors are great on cabinets in your mudroom. You can paint them (inside or out) with chalkboard, magnetic, or whiteboard paint to create message boards. Adhere corkboard to post papers, notes, coupons, schedules, and other items you need to keep handy.

A locker room design may work well in your mudroom. Even if you don’t use a metal locker for each person, you can have a long cubby, with a small one above it. The long cabinet can store sports equipment, umbrellas, and other large items.

Place a hamper for wet, muddy, and soiled clothes, so that they aren’t shoved in a corner, dropped on the floor, or (sigh) left in a backpack.

Make a place in your mudroom to stash your keys—just don’t make it obvious, where anyone might be able to grab them. Attach hooks inside a cabinet door or place a basket out of reach of small hands.

Finally, don’t forget that your mudroom is still part of your home. Add color and décor that reflects your style. Wall sconces are a great way to add style as well as task lighting to a mudroom.

The best part about redecorating a small space is that it’s a fairly quick fix, but the results of your mudroom makeover can really brighten your home!