Kitchen & Bath Trends

Two of the most notable home décor trends throughout 2014 have been the amped-up transformation of two rooms that used to serve functional purposes into luxurious spaces: the kitchen and the bath. The kitchen now is seen as an open, social hub for entertaining and a family to gather. While all bathrooms in the home have upped the anty on an important space to define your homes overall feel, the master bath has become one of the most elegant and artistic rooms in the home.

Design Elements

Kitchens with warm, natural elements and simple lines are dominating 2014 consumer and design trends. Both design mediums and advertising mediums featured the all-white kitchen as the superlative style in 2013. This year the clean white will slowly give way to warm natural colors and elements positioning the kitchen as the hearth of home. Cool gray base colors will dominate this year, with bone and off-white remaining quite popular.

The appeal of more open spaces around sinks and ranges has spurred the popularity of beautiful, elaborate backsplashes that serve as artistic statement pieces and an anchorpoint of kitchen design.

Countertops and cabinets are trending in colors closer to the wall color, creating less of a “pop” and more of a natural, flowing kitchen space.


Bold, non-traditional lighting will take the forefront of kitchen appeal this year. Keeping with the idea of simple, clean lines with lights that “pop.”

Pendant lighting lighting is topping the lists as the first stop when considering a kitchen’s overall design. Pendant illumination can define the overall tone of the room. From simply elegant silver and glass pendants over the kitchen island, to dual pendant chandeliers in the breakfast nook, to industrial aged bronze, it’s all about your personal style. Pair pendants with a few smaller non-traditional kitchen lights such as sconces, and add a recessed can package for the multi-level lightscape.

When considering lighting choices, bring warmth to your kitchen by embracing warm metal accents. Brass, aged gold, and black have become the go-to choice of recent trends, in comparison to the past popularity of colder stainless steel and chrome.

Along with pendants, oversized statement lighting fixtures with elements that appear more like art are becoming more and more popular as the kitchen becomes a hub of entertainment space.

While under-cabinet lighting has been popular for the last several years, 2014 will see it taken to the next level with a move toward more upscale under-cabinet surface lighting. “Feature Lighting” can come in set packages, offering lower-level lighting throughout the kitchen, or offer an elegant illumination of specific areas in consistent use such as over a sink or prep station.



Design Elements

As homeowners look towards sustainability in design and function, many bath trends mirror kitchen trends in looking to clean lines, functionality and natural design elements. Again, gray and bone shades will be a major player. Both shades are simple to accent with as bold of a color as you choose and give you the option of changing your entire space with just a few new colored accent pieces.

Also similar to kitchens, listello accents are becoming popular in the bath. A glass listello backsplash in your wall, above the sink, or inside a step-in tiled shower is a luxurious and quite affordable upgrade for any bath.



Layer, layer layer! The latest and greatest bathrooms have layer upon layer of elegantly placed lighting, giving you a level for every mood and time of day. Imagine a lighting concept the combines dual pendant lights or sconces at the vanity station and recessed can lighting throughout. Being able to go from a romantic dim lighting to a bright illumination is a top desirable quality as the master bath gets larger and larger.


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