3 Fashion Trends Translated into Home Decor Inspiration

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From the Runway to your Living Room: 3 Hot Fashion Trends Translated into Home Décor Inspiration

Color Clashing

Bold, bright colors are have been a popular design trends for several years. Yet recently the trend had evolved to incorporate color blocking and print mixing of these vibrant hues. Incorporating these bright colors into your home décor can be a bit tricky to get just right, but when carefully crafted it can add vibrant life into your space.

Try accessorizing your space of choice with boldly colored lamps, glass vases, or small accents on shelves. Then look for another bright color or two that compliments the first shade to create color pops. Fun prints on pillows or wall art also are a simple way to bring this fashion into your home. For an incredibly inexpensive accent, look for a few brightly colored version of the same print of fabric at your local craft store. Stretch these over canvases and staple to the back of the canvas for instant wall décor that can be easily changed out as your style evolves.

You can also give new life to old pieces of furniture by painting with bold colors or reupholstering with fabric. Use white accents to tone town the bright color and tie the same color in with small accessories throughout the room. To narrow down colors that would compliment your staple furniture, you can look to basic paint swatches.



Going hand in hand with bright colors and bold prints is the revamping of 1970’s retro style. As designers look to the “what’s old is new again” mantra, you can embrace this theme in the décor of your new home. Similar to color blocking, accent pieces are key to bringing this popular trend into your home. We’re not telling you to bring back the Lava Lamp, but instead to scout for modern takes on retro pieces. Try painting or reupholstering worn furniture into flashy accent pieces. Tie in a truly retro, brightly-colored glass or chrome vase with equally bright accent pillows or table settings. While wallpaper was a key design element in the 1970’s, many interior designers are opting to paper a single statement wall that features designs of the flower-power nature. The overall theme of home décor in the 1970’s was bright, sunshiny, and Mod and it can never hurt to add more of those qualities in your home!


Embrace Fur & Fuzz

In 2015, Fuzz & Fur in your home will be cause for style compliments from your guests, rather than a reason to bring out the vacuum cleaner. Similar to the faux fur and fuzzy vests seen in fall and winter styles in 2014, this trend can be incorporated into your new home using statement pieces. Again, no need to go overboard with this trend. A plush faux fur throw for beds or couches, or fur-trimmed accent pillows in any room help will incorporate this trend nicely without overdoing the fluff in your house.