When Location Matters – TEAL LAKE

When homebuyers start their home hunt, they often spend hours pouring over pictures of homes and studying their floor plans. Today, they mostly do this online in the privacy of their current homes. But once their search gets real where they set out in the car to see the homes they have selected, it quickly becomes apparent to them that location is much more important than the home itself. Why? Because location determines their overall quality of life.

Location determines how much time they will spend commuting to their jobs. It determines how much time they spend running to the grocery store or going out to dinner. It determines the quality of the school their children will attend. It determines how safe they feel in their new neighborhood. It determines the possible resale value their home would retain. So after all of these realities settle upon them, they go back to their online searching and look for communities that meet all of these requirements. Only then do they start looking at the available homes in their newly chosen neighborhood.

So, these novice new homebuyers have learned why experienced homebuyers say: it’s LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

At Lamar Smith Signature Homes, we choose where we will build our new homes after a careful study of where our homebuyers will want to live. As one of Savannah’s most experienced residential developers over the past 20 years, Lamar Smith has a long track record of developing successful new home communities. His latest new home community in the Savannah area is Teal Lake, and his decision to build in Teal Lake was based on LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

Teal Lake is situated on Savannah’s southside where it is commuter-friendly to most Savannahians and our military families. Just south of the Abercorn Extension/Hwy 204 off Highway 17 just past the popular WalMart shopping and dining area, Teal Lake offers a scenic, secluded setting yet easy access to I-95, Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Base, and both of Savannah’s major malls. Richmond Hill is 10 minutes south on Hwy 17. You’ll love the pool complex and lake within the community and King’s Ferry Landing on the Ogeechee River just 5 minutes from your door.  When time with your family is precious, you’ll discover that living in Teal Lake is the perfect answer to that all-important quality of LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.