What Buyers Want in a Floor Plan

If you are looking at new homes and studying floor plans to find that Dream Home for your family, you undoubtedly have made “the list!”

We’ve all done it. We make two columns. Gotta haves! Want to have!

Often those two columns are rarely found in just one home – and there’s the rub. Compromise. Oh, how we hate to do it, but we know it’s usually inevitable.

The answer to your dilemma is finding a floor plan that has “good bones” as they say. You’ll surprise yourself at your ingenuity once you move in — but it can’t happen unless you choose wisely when it comes to the home’s floor plan.

So let’s take a look at what’s important in a home with GREAT BONES!

1.  Kitchens top the list. You spend so much time in them, and family and friends always seem to congregate in your kitchen.

First Floor of the GRAYSON

Does it have the 3-point triangle layout of sink, stove, and refrigerator? Trace your steps in one day, and you’ll see that all important triangle form.

A window over the sink or with a view to the Great Room is a spirit lift – whether you’re doing dishes by hand or peeling potatoes. You watch the kids playing or your husband at the grill or just enjoy the view. Takes your mind off of the task at hand.

Does it have a breakfast bar or room for an island? Everyone gathers at either of these places to chat while you prepare things. Again, it’s a great way to feel part of what’s going on and to serve quick snacks and drinks.

Don’t get hung up on the countertops and flooring – both of which can be changed easily later on. The big deal is your cabinets. Those are hard to change out and cost a lot of money. Do you like standard height or 42″ upper cabinets? Do you like that crown trim along the top?

2.  Master Suites are the best stress-reducers of all. Getting away from it all and pampering yourself with some quiet reading time or soaking time in a large tub will float away any stress from work or the kids.

Do you want your master suite on the main level or upstairs with the kids? For resale purposes, the master-on-the-main wins hands-down. I know that young families may want to be upstairs with the children, but children grow up fast. It’s purely a personal decision, but master-on-the-main is rated very high on many homebuyers’ lists.

A true master suite must have a sitting area where you can read, watch TV, or have those quiet talks with your partner or children.

The double sink vanity or double vanities is almost a requirement if you share your master and for resale value.

large walk-in closet sends most women into a swoon. Room for all those accessories and shoes is not just a luxury anymore – it’s a must-have!

3.  The Open Great Room with lots of natural light and high ceilings. Why do we love this? We’re a social bunch, we humans.

An open layout allows us to be part of everything, and to join in conversations going on around us.

Natural light is a natural mood-lifter. The windows let nature be part of our indoor world.

Tall ceilings make even a smaller Great Room seem spacious.

So there you have it – the “must-haves” for today’s homebuyer. These 3 things will give your home those good bones.

I didn’t mention dining because that is so personal. Some of us love to have sit-down formal meals, while some of us like the homey feel of a dining nook in the kitchen.

One level or two? That is critical, but again it’s a personal choice whether you want to live all on one level or you prefer the privacy of two floors?

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