Top 5 Home Finance Blogs

If you’re getting ready to buy your first home, get your financial house in order first. To approve you for a loan, banks want to see credit scores, bank statements, credit history and more, so it helps to have a clean path for a lender to navigate.

Whether you are drowning in debt or just not sure if you are ready, the following blogs will help you get on the right track toward home ownership – or at least provide some humorous or insightful input while you navigate your own journey.

My Open Wallet

What: An anonymous 40-year old single woman living in New York is quite honest in her personal finance life on My Open Wallet, from what she makes to what she spends to how her net worth changes. She’s been blogging since 2005, so she’s seen the economy through all highs and lows.

Look for: Her 20 rules to getting on track financially are easily found on the right-hand side of the page, and labels such as “Best Don’t-Buys,” “Get Rich Quick” and “Weird” separate her from the rest.

Get Rich Slowly

What: Blog author J.D. Roth tells his story of conquering $35,000 in debt from consumer and home-equity loans on Get Rich Slowly and now has regular guest bloggers.

Look for: Get Rich Slowly offers up-to-date CD rates and mortgage quotes, as well as tips on lowering your utility costs, living on less in other countries, renting out your home and making drastic changes to afford what you want, including financing a house.

2million’s Personal Finance Blog

What: With a goal of having a net worth of $2 million, Brian, a 34-year-old IBM engineering manager, chronicles his net worth’s ups and downs.

Look for: Find Brian’s spreadsheet breakdown of exactly how much a baby costs pre-birth (including 529 plan contributions), what’s financially involved when you marry someone and how to buy, sell and refinance your home on 2million.


What: Live. Earn. Invest. LearnVest’s mantra came to be in 2008, when Harvard Business School attendee Alexa von Tobel created an online platform to help women gain control of their finances. She was frustrated that she was in line to become a Wall Street fund manager and had never taken a single finance class in school.

Look for: If you want to get financially fit in a disciplined hurry, LearnVest’s boot camp programs get you on the road to learning personal finance basics, getting out of debt, cutting costs or building wealth within 15 to 17 days.


What: Noted in The New York Times and Business Week for its financial savvy, Bargaineering is the brain child of Jim Wang, who began the publication as a 20-something university graduate who knew nothing about managing money. In the five years since its inception, the blog has covered credit cards, CDs, high yield savings accounts, tax brackets, banking and frugal living.

Look for: The Bank Deals section of the sites lets you know how to make a quick $100 to $150 through current bank promotions, and the Frugality section offers tips on how to overcome frugal fatigue and encourages new savings-habits inspiration.

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