BEST House

We don't believe a good house is good enough. That's why we offer BEST house!

At Lamar Smith Homes, we’ve created a new standard of excellence in the home building industry. This new standard employs a system of benchmarks and quality features which make our homes second to none! We call it BEST house and it was created exclusively by Lamar Smith Homes.

The word BEST is an acronym that outlines our standard features:

Building Standards

Our building standards ensure that your home is far-superior to any other on the market!
Several examples of our many Building Standards include:
Our homes come standard with 16” stud spacing for all walls, load- bearing and non load-bearing 16” stud spacing is structurally superior to the 24” spacing used by some builders. This ensures straighter walls and higher quality. (Available on our Coastal & Georgian Collection)
In the Coastal Empire, we’re no stranger to high winds and hurricanes. In fact, the state building code requires that all homes built here include some kind of “hurricane-proofing”. We employ a system that far exceeds the old standard still used by most area builders. The Quick-Tie Hurricane system secures the roof of your home to the foundation using an intricate system of steel cables and plates. This system is standard in all of our homes. (Available on our Georgian Collection)

Energy Efficiencies

Our homes include energy efficiencies that promise to cut your energy consumption and save you money. Our homes are better for the environment and better for you!
Among the Energy Efficiencies incorporated into a Lamar Smith  Home are:
ENERGY STAR certified new homes are designed and built to standards well above most other homes on the market today, delivering energy efficiency savings of up to 30 percent when compared to typical new homes. An ENERGY STAR home has undergone inspections, testing, and verification to meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
At Lamar Smith Homes, we only use Low-E windows which are made with a special coating to reflect radiant infrared energy. Infrared heat radiating from the sun during the summer is reflected away, keeping it cooler inside, while radiant heat originating from indoors in winter is reflected back inside.


 We offer hundreds of selections and options which allow you to personalize your new home. We make your dream home a reality!
The following are two of our Selections Standards:
During theprocess you are invited to our state-of-the-art design center. Featuring hundreds of hand selected options for you to choose from, our design center allows you to personalize your new home. You can be assured that your home is built exclusively for you.
Space and comfort in your home are high priorities. Featuring 9’ ceilings on the main floor of alltwo story homes, as well as open living areas, we have integrated maximum living space and extravagant design. To ensure you find a home that suits your needs, we have developed numerous floor plans. High volume ceilings, rounded corners, and innovative designs set our homes apart from the rest. 

Total Value

We include a 10-year warranty, money for closing costs, top-quality construction at a competitive price, and a team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the home-building industry.
Some of the Total Value Standards include:
It’s imperative that you are assured that your home will last and is protected. At Lamar Smith Homes, we include a 10 year warranty giving you peace of mind. This warranty keeps you from paying for costly repairs on appliances, plumbing, and electrical problems. We’re committed through this warranty, to save you time and money.
We understand just how valuable your time is, that’s why we have integrated both the financial assistance and an agent who will guide you through the home buying process. We will connect you with one of our preferred lenders, who will work with you throughout the process.